About The Artist

Hi there, my name is Rhea Prokop, a photographer by heart, a Software Engineer by day and a mother 24/7.

I started photography as a hobby in 1999 and started professionally in 2017. At the university, I earned a degree in computer programming and have been a Software Engineer for 20 years.

Becoming a professional photographer is purely driven by my passion and love for photography.

Celebrating Weirdness

I was diagnosed with ADHD very recently.. Being unaware of having the condition before the diagnosis, I have dealt with its consequences my whole life.

I have a love/hate relationship with ADHD. There are times when I feel it helps me and there are times when it can be hindrance on my daily life. Everyday, I am learning more and more about ADHD and this makes me feel less alone and helps me to manage it.

Now, I live and breath photography. All my worries and daily stresses just melt away whenever I hold my camera.

Rhea Prokop

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